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Apt. 8

Ohhh Hey,

Me again. It's crazy how we can all be living through the same experiences as someone else and never know it. Have the same questions, same feelings, same frustrations but it feels like you're going through it alone; each of us in our own silos. Due to COVID, I hadn't seen or spoken to my neighbor in what felt like months. Yesterday, we happened to be outside at the same time and got to chatting. Trust me when I say we had a lot to catch up on.

First and foremost let me start by saying all of the people living in my building have been incredible since I moved in. Everyone.. that is.. except for the tenants of Apt. 8. Let's start by acknowledging the fact that the building I live in has mandatory quiet hours after 9pm (or something like that) on weeknights. Want to get wild on a Wednesday? Cool, just keep it to about 50% send and we're good. Now when the floors are shaking and my Alexa starts playing your song requests from across the hall, we have a problem. Our walls here are on the thin side, but not THAT thin.

Not only is the noise an issue more often than not, apparently there was a knife fight where the police were called and the wholeeeee thing spilled out onto my doorstep. Yes, a knife and to top it off there was a frying pan involved as well -- allegedly. Even after being arrested, the bulls*t continues...

Unbeknownst to me, several people had been filing complaints against Apt. 8 for months. MONTHS. Yet we have all been told there isn't a way to prove that anything's happening at Apt. 8. They need proof. No, not photos, videos, or a police report -- because that has all been provided -- real proof. LMFAO! Do you know how many black people have been beaten, incarcerated, or even killed over but a fraction of the aforementioned proof? Absolutely insane.

If someone's whipping out the kitchen knives to settle arguments, ya gotta go. Point. Blank. Periodddddd! The last thing I'm trying to do is step out of my well-decorated, boujee-ass apartment that I pay plenty of my well earned and incredibly limited coins for and get shanked because my welcome mat was crooked. HELL. NO.

With all of that being said... DON'T BE LIKE APT. 8.! Until you can afford walls not connected to mine or anyone else's, you can't afford to be inconsiderate either. Be a good person and be quiet.



UPDATE!!!!: We officially have new neighbors in Apt. 8. It took a few months to make it happen, but I couldn't be happier. God really is good.


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