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Coco’s Top Docs: HBO Edition

Hi Friends,

Ask and you shall receive...

We’ve got another round of Coco's Top Docs: HBO Edition, and I couldn't be more excited!

10. Nuclear Family

What I Learned: The United States government is absolutely lawless. Yes, you read that correctly the first time.

9. Generation Hustle

What I Learned: Surprisingly a lot, but I’m not meant for prison, so I’ll pass.

8. At the Heart of Gold

What I Learned: Larry Nassar is absolutely disgusting, but the people who covered it up are so much worse.

7. Heaven’s Gate

What I Learned: Bowl cuts are always a bad idea. Always.

6. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

What I Learned: I am not mentally stable enough to write a book about a serial killer — and that’s okay.

5. The Way Down

What I Learned: The hoe has “sham“ in her first name. What did you expect??? *eye roll*

4. McMillion$

What I Learned: The way the “justice” system treats white collar crime is an absolute joke, and not enough people are talking about it.

3. What Happened, Brittany Murphy

What I Learned: If you date Ashton Kutcher and you’re not Mila Kunis, you end up murdered.

2. Adrienne

What I Learned: I’m honestly kind of speechless. This one was just really, really good. Watch it.

1. The Vow

What I Learned: My people were already slaves once, so I’m good on that. By no means do I ever need to be asking someone if I can have 364 calories. N-O absolutely f*cking not.

Soooo that’s my current HBO list. Lucky for all of you, I did in fact receive a Hulu login from a reader and will be diving into those documentaries next! Since it worked last time, who’s sending me their Apple TV+?? Serious inquiries only.




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