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Coco’s Top Docs: Hulu Edition

Yes. The wait is FINALLY over. Coco's Top Docs: Hulu Edition is here!

10. My Scientology Movie

What I Learned: I’m not touching it with a 10-foot pole. Bye.

9. The Donut King

What I Learned: Am I willing to lose it all for some donuts? Maybe…? Let's be honest, I'm obsessed so if I was hungry enough, I might go down for it... *shrug*

8. Hail Satan?

What I Learned: All of the 10 Commandments monuments outside of government buildings were movie advertisements…. *dead*

7. Untouchable

What I Learned: Accounts of sexual assault and harassment against women are still being ignored to this day — and I’ve seen it happen in my own places of employment. We need to do more to protect women. We have to do better.

6. Too Funny to Fail

What I Learned: Make the show you want to make with no apologies.

5. Dark Side of the 90s

What I Learned: I'm glad I was little and didn't know what was going on... lol.

4. Dead Asleep

What I Learned: The only thing I've ever done while sleep walking was maybe have some snacks and a drink, so IDK about murdering my bestie......................

3. The Orange Years

What I Learned: I miss this era of life and I miss it deeply. In the lowest moments, these are the shows that always make me feel better.

2. WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn

What I Learned: Ashton Kutcher stays busy on the documentary scene — LIKE DAMN. Is there a sketchy event that he hasn’t been a part of??? Sheesh…

1. The Curse of Von Dutch

What I Learned: Definitely not a brand to kill for, but to each his own… I guess? Spoiler Alert: THE Von Dutch was a racist... so that's fun.

Well, that’s my current Hulu list. Plenty more of Coco's Top Doc's to come as I live and breathe documentaries. Still looking for an Apple TV+ subscription *eyes emoji* so feel free to send that over.




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