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So You Want To Know About Becky...

Obviously ~babygirl's ~ government name isn't Becky, but to be honest I don't even know what her name is, nor does it matter, so we might as well go with it.

LA pretty much just got back to normal, so this was one of my first times really going out since last year. I was a little hesitant because I haven't been in the mood to deal with people lately. However, when the homie told me that we would be in a section at one of my favorite rooftop bars that's practically down the street from my place and we wouldn't have to wait in line, I got out off bed and got dressed.

The night was great for all of 30 seconds before our server, Becky with the bad lips, came stomping through the section. She took a quick look around, saw that my friend and I had just sat at the table, gave us a dirty look, then proceeded to ask evvvvvveryone else if they needed a drink. Of course everyone else was good since they all very clearly had fresh drinks in hand. We had to flag Becky down like a marshaller on a tarmac to put in our drink orders. She could not have looked any less interested and didn't even write down the orders, but I thought "whatever, it's fine". As long as the drinks came, I couldn't care less about some little white girl's attitude. The problem was, the drinks never came. Every time she came into the section she would bring drinks to her little friends and then pretty much try to runaway before she had to interact with us. Eventually my friend was able to get her attention and she admitted she never put in the drink order... because she forgot... *eye roll x100*

THREE YEARS LATER. Joking but not because I could have grown my own agave, harvested it, and handcrafted a margarita in the time that it took for her to waddle her way back over to us with our FIRST round of drinks. She carried over drinks for me and the rest of the group I was with. She handed the drinks to each of the guys, and when it came time for her to hand me mine, I reached out and she slammed my drink on the table -- grazing my fingers on the way down. Did this piss me off? Yes. Did I react? SHOCKINGLY NO. I actually allowed Becky to "forget" then slam 2 more drinks and a plate of tacos on the table before I got my grown self up and went to speak to my friend who works there.

I calmly told my friend that he needed to take care of Becky's disrespectful little behind because it had gotten to the point where all of the men I was with started calling out how rude she was being to me for no reason. I was trying to let them handle her before I needed to. As you can imagine, he pulled the manager over realllllll quick so that he could hear what had been going on all night. What's so crazy to me is that I was really out here trying to spend some money, you know the money that pays Becky's rent, and she was really saying "nah I'm good". Now does that make any sense to you? Stupid.

As I walked back to our section, I passed Becky and we had what felt like a slow motion stare down from opposite ends of the bar. I sat back down with my friends and genuinely thought that was going to be the end of it. I thought even if she's still working this section, she will cut the nonsense and just do her job like she's supposed to. What came next was probably a shock to everyone that didn't know me.

Becky started whisper-screaming about me to her little friends on the other side of the section. Talking about how dare I tell her manager that she's disrespectful and rude. LOLZZZZZ. Again, I was going to let her slide as she continued to talk sh*t about me to everyone else in the section, BUT Becky f*cked up when she said she was going to clown me in front of the whole group.




Becky sucked that cackle right down her throat as I turned to her and started getting loud. We don't need to go into all of the details, but I pretty much told her that I wasn't the one and if she wanted to run her mouth she should pivot those botched lips my way and go off. She quickly started to retract everything she had said and even tried to convince me that she was talking about someone else despite repeating things that I had said verbatim to her boss.

As a wise mentor once told me, knuck if you buck -- but I guess Becky wasn't ready.

If this was the first time that anyone has ever checked this girl, then Becky I just want to say you're welcome for having the patience to help you learn a lesson rather than having to jump completely out of my character and drag a b*tch -- respectfully.



P.S. If me snapping on this girl wasn't bad enough, I realized after the fact that some guy from the Lakers whose name may or may not rhyme with Brandre Brummond had been in the section the whooooooooooole time. YIKEEEES -- my bad mom and dad. <3


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