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This Is A Sign That Your Employees Are Not Okay

Over the past year everything has changed. I was never quite into the whole making bread thing, but I did buy a yoga mat and pretend I was going to workout -- but that's besides the point...

There was plenty of time to think while quarantined. As I started to spiral a few months into what was supposed to be a two week vacation, I finally had to ask myself the questions I had been avoiding. Was I really happy? Were my priorities in order? Was I truly living my life the way I wanted to?

SPOILER ALERT! The answer to all of those questions is no. I had lost myself somewhere along the way. It was as if everything I had been doing was simply to prove the point that I could do it rather than because I wanted to. I struggled to find the joy in the things that I used to love. Trust me when I say I was begging for anybody to make it make sense.

To all of the employers out there, this one's for you...

Employees are overwhelmed and suffering from depression due to the extra work they have assumed throughout the pandemic. Employees are working part-time jobs to be able to afford rent and groceries each month because if we're honest, they aren't earning a livable wage. Employees have panic attacks on a regular basis because they are drowning and no one seems to care.

Burnout sucks. It fools you into believing that you are not good enough, not capable. It lies to you and tells you that you're lazy when you're just tired -- and rightfully so. If you're in that low place where it seems like you just can't get over the hump, know that I am right there with ya. Not sure how to turn it all around, but I'll keep trying until I figure it out.




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